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Momentum Studios, Old Newnham Farm, Plympton, Plymouth, PL7 5BL

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“Momentum Studios is absurdly well-equipped, and located in a tranquil setting. It’s a great place to be, to hang around, and to record. It would be a great place to make music regardless of who you were working with. But what makes it truly special is Josiah Manning.

Josiah is probably the best producer in the South West. He knows instinctively what you need to make your music work, and he gives back every piece of energy you give him plus interest. He has an astounding, infectious work ethic, and an incredible feel for what will bring out the best in you and your music. On top of all that, he’s a brilliant, multi-talented musician and a thoroughly nice guy. He also makes good tea.

I’ve worked with him on 2 EPs thus far and over numerous sessions. and I can’t recommend Josiah and Momentum enough. If you have ideas and energy and passion for your craft, get to Momentum. Your time and your money will be spent wisely.”

Gozer Goodspeed


I’ve really enjoyed recording here at Momentum Studios! Such a warm welcome and a beautiful space. I can’t wait to bring my band to record here in the live room. Josiah is amazing to work with. Such a calm engineer and it’s wonderful that he is also a musician that can offer great creative suggestions. Thanks so much for having me and I look forward to coming back again soon!

YolanDa Brown

I couldn’t say enough good things about Momentum and working with Josiah. I have had and will continue to have great experiences working and creating music there. You can always be confident that the service you will get and the finished products will be top notch. Excellent. I wish i’d started recording there sooner.

Martyn Crocker 


Fantastic studio and an absolute pleasure to work with Josiah. Highly competent and easy to work with. Lovely studio and great recording equipment. Would highly recommend the studio to anyone. I’d give it another star if I could!

David Gray (The Kingstons)


I think Momentum Studios is my favourite place… several sessions for different artists and styles over the last few months, many with the visual aspect being quite important. Josiah is a true professional, with a sympathetic ear for what you are trying to achieve. He always delivers top notch mixes, and is superb at getting ‘that’ performance out of you!

Paddy Blight


What a setting! What a location! What a producer!

We spent a total of 4 days recording and may we say it was the best experience ever, the professionalism and work ethic of Josiah is second to none, the way in which he captures your song is incredible, this is down to ascertaining your goal from the very beginning and making sure every step of the way is perfect.

If you want a top notch sounding product, get yourselves booked in to Momentum. You won’t regret it! Highly recommended!



“I couldn’t have felt more comfortable recording at Momentum. The studio set up was stunning and the equipment was to the highest standard. Josiah is the most talented person I have met and his musical ear is amazing. He has this ability to translate even the most un-technical explanations of what you want your track to sound like into a sound that is so much more immense than you could ever imagine. I cannot reccommend recording at Momentum Studios enough. If your looking for professionalism, a beautifully creative atmosphere set in a the stunning suburbs of Plymouth, and an incredible musician and producer – you have come to the right place! Thank you Josiah”

Charlotte-Louise (singer/songwriter)


I’m currently producing an album for Billy Bottle & The Multiple and the core band sessions were recorded at Momentum Studios. Throughout the process Josiah was a consummate professional, finding workable solutions to a multitude of technical and practical challenges, all the while maintaining his innate personable manner. I take no hesitation in recommending both him (as a gifted engineer / all-round good guy) and the studio itself. I hope to return to Momentum for recording in the future…

Lee Fletcher (http://www.leefletcher.net)


“My experience at Momentum Studios was fantastic. Most valuable was the dialogue between myself and Josiah – he’s a lovely bloke which always helps. But being a lovely bloke with the talents he has as a musician and studio technician makes the creative experience of recording at Momentum exciting and extremely rewarding. Not met someone so proficient in so many instruments as Josiah – and thanks to that my recording’s have developed beyond what I thought was possible. And the cherry on the cake – he makes a proper good cuppa”.

Will McNicol 


Momentum is a fantastic studio in beautiful surroundings! Josiah is an amazing producer and musician with a constant flow of ideas and the drive to get things right.

LATER – (https://www.facebook.com/latermusicuk/)


Great studio! I love the feel and sound of the live room. Josiah does amazing work!

Rich Turner (https://www.soundunlimited.co.uk/)